Combine FLV/MP4 Videos Together

Hey, a quick post about a script I wrote for combining together multiple video files.
It’s based on a post from:


Steps during execution

1) The script converts all mp4 and flv files to MPG files.

2) This is done in order to use the CAT command with > to send all the bytes from all files into one location output.mpg.

3) Finally we convert output.mpg  to MP4 and have the final file.

NOTE: I will check into using possible shortcuts to speed up the process.

echo Combine Videos Together
echo based on
echo ----------------------------------------------------------
sleep 3
for i in *.mp4; do
 if [ -e "$i" ]; then
   file=`basename "$i" .mp4`
   echo converting "$i" to "$file.mpg"
   ffmpeg -i "$i" -sameq "$file.mpg"

for i in *.flv; do
 if [ -e “$i” ]; then
   file=`basename “$i” .flv`
   echo converting “$i” to “$file.mpg”
   ffmpeg -i “$i” -sameq “$file.mpg”

mkdir temp
mv *.mpg temp
cd temp
cat * > output.mpg
ffmpeg -i output.mpg -sameq final.mp4


Menelaos Bakopoulos

Mr. Menelaos Bakopoulos is currently pursuing his PhD both at Center for TeleInFrastruktur (CTiF) at Aalborg University (AAU) in Denmark and Athens Information Technology (AIT) in Athens, Greece. He received a Master in Information Technology and Telecommunications Systems from Athens Information Technology and a B.Sc. in Computer Science & Management Information Systems from the American College of Thessaloniki. Since April 2008 he has been a member of the Multimedia, Knowledge, and Web Technologies Group.

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