How to move “Virtualbox VMs” files

I came across a situation where my VMs were taking too much space from my C drive. The instructions below are from the forum post here.

“The most common I found is to remove your VMs from the manager without deleting the files. “Remove the VMs from the manager without deleting the files. You can then move the entire VM folder (not just the bare VDIs) to a new location, before adding them back to the manager.”

Here’s how I did it… Use these instructions at your own risks¬†;-)

– Shutdown the manager
– Copy the directories under Virtualbox VMs where you want them (full directory – logs, *.vdi, *.vbox*, etc…)
– Locate .Virtualbox folder (mine was in c:users[username].VirtualBox
– Backup VirtualBox.xml and VirtualBox.xml-prev
– Edit VirtualBox.xml with your favorite editor (or wordpad)
– Locate <MachineRegistry>
– Change the SRC location to the new one…
before <MachineEntry uuid=”{afbc1273-1d06-4f6c-9068-e5c044eb4975}” src=” C:Users[username]Virtualbox VMsXP SP3XP SP3.vbox”/>
after <MachineEntry uuid=”{afbc1273-1d06-4f6c-9068-e5c044eb4975}” src=”E:VirtualBox VMsXP SP3XP SP3.vbox”/>
– Save
– Remove files from original location eg C:Users[username]Virtualbox VMsXP SP3″

If you want to also change the default VM location you must change  additional XML entry:
<SystemProperties defaultMachineFolder
to be the modified folder.


Menelaos Bakopoulos

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