MysqlDump directly on mounted remote directory (CENTOS, Linux, Unix)

If you don’t have space to write a dump file, or want to directly send your SQL to another server (without intermediate transfers), using a remotely mounted folder is a way to go.

There are various mounting options such as:

  • NFS
  • Windows Shares (SAMBA)

A quick example using SSHFS:

$ sudo sshfs -o rw user@remoteIP:/local_folder_to_mount_to/some_folder /   remote_folder_to_mount_to/some_folder

$ mysqldump --user=root --password=your_password database_name >> /local_folder_to_mount_to/some_folder/mysql_dump_file.sql

You will need to install the appropriate packages either using apt or yum (depending on your system).

$ sudo apt-get install sshfs
$ sudo yum install sshfs

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