Tunneling to VNC over SSH

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You may want to connect to a headless/monitorless linux pc with a vnc server running that only exposes an SSH port.

I have used the following steps from windows.

  1. Server:
    Run VNCServer

    If not running already start your server.  You can set the resolution using -geometry tag. This will open a new port/session.

    vncserver -geometry 1920x1200


  2. Workstation:
    Create the tunnel to VNC port
    This maps the local pc port 5905 to localhost:5905 on the remote machine. VNC uses ports 5901 to 5909.

    ssh -L 5905:localhost:5905 menelaos@menelaos.server.net -p 22


  3. WorkStation:
    Create tunnel if needed of X-Server

    ssh -L 6005:localhost:6005 menelaos@menelaos.server.net -p 22

  4. Server:
    Run VNCConfig to enable remote clipboard
    Open up a terminal in your vnc session, and run:


    If your running through a separate ssh guiless console, you will have to export the console display. Whenever running commands in an ssh terminal that use display you will get an error. You must run:

    export DISPLAY=:5

    where =:5 below specified session/screen 5. On my own server I have to keep the vncconfig dialog running for clipboard to work but this may be due to permissions on the configuration file.


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