Changing user agent for RESTClient firefox extension

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If you are using RESTClient (and don’t want to switch to CURL) but need to modify the user-client when testing a request, there are two ways:

  • Adding a custom “user-agent” header through RESTClient
  • Changing the user agent through an extension.

Since RESTClient is an extension, by default it uses the user-agent of firefox.

As a start we can do a test and access the page through the RestClient.

Below is a screenshot of the RestClient accessing a page printing the user agent.

RESRClient User Agent

Custom Request Headers

Click the menu “Headers” and “Custom Header” in order to add a User Agent.

Adding a header


For name enter “User-Agent”, and for the Value enter the ID you require.

Custom Header

User AgentBelow we see that the user-agent sent is now “test test”.

Custom User-Agent through Extension

In cases where the above does not work, or there is the requirement to not send a User-Agent, an extension can be used to change the user-agent of the browser.

One such plugin is “User Agent Switcher” available from .

In my own situation I wanted to remove user-agent altogethUser Agent Switcherer, and what worked was installing the extension and adding an Agent called blank. This entry had a space for the user-agent field.


If everything fails…

Write a comment below. It would be interesting to see new problems.

Additionally, some well known command line tools are:


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