Amazon Workspaces in Full screen – Switching back to host desktop

Quick solution for the problem related to amazon workspaces in full-screen mode.
The only way to switch back to the host system, is to exit full screen – but this is a problem since all the application windows are resized and re positioned.

Unfortunately amazon does not have a fix for this from 2014 to 2018 – as far asĀ  I know.

I usually have word open on my host machine, and since I didn’t want to install visual studio or make a java application.. I decided to make a VBA macro.
The following VBA macro creates for me an Always On Top dialog (even on top of the full-screen dual monitor amazon workspaces).

Clicking the on the dialog causes me host start-menu to pop up, and I can access any of my running host applications or run new ones.

And this works without having to disconnect or leave my full screen mode.

The code follows: