Programatically Access Statistics from 3G Mifi/Access Point!!

Specifically I’m going to talk about the Huawei MIFI (Mobile 3G Wifi) E585 though these could be applied to another access point/ mifi. You will need the web debugger FIDDLER (a http request sniffer).

So, probably your MIFI/access point is configured with IP address .

If there are pages that display the statistics (such as those on the E858) there is a chance the information can be accessed through a .php or other dynamic page.

On the E858, accessing displays the current total download/upload and flux for the current session. (pictures coming later).

However, if you want to check more analytical statistics such as total usage you have to log on. Fortunately, if the data screen uses a JQuery (or javascript ajax script)  fiddler can be used to sniff and discover the data source (post me a line for more instructions). More