rebit 5 first impressions – synching to network share

Initially I was very happy with the idea of how rebit works. However, now having used it for two days I am dissappointed.

The option to have real-time painless synchronization is quite needed. Personally, I wanted to synch with my NAS at home, and my RAID 6 server at work.

Problems began immediately while trying to configure backup to network shares. The interface is very non-intuitive, but once you figure it out it becomes easy.

The initial backup is VERY slow. In addition to this, I couldn’t ascertain reliably what exactly was going on with my files. At some point the files in the rebit browser backup folder seemed empty.

I can say that my experience up to now has not been efficient nor easy. Instead, simply copying my files using fastcopy finished in 2 hours.

I will give a shot to the rebit 6 trial but I’m glad I didn’t fork over the 40 euros.


Super Backup : Transfering contacts from Android to Iphone painlessly

Super BackupA friendĀ  wanted to transfer their contacts from Android to their Iphone.
Unfortunately, the synchronization with google was broken.

Enter Super Backup, available @ the google play store.

I found this quite by accident, by searching for “backup” within the app store. It turned out with this app, that I could backupĀ  the contacts to VCF format, and subsequently e-mail them to the iphone which supports importing VCF files.

So, with this app and without a computer I was able to transfer the contacts over with a minimum of pain!

I recommend this app since it solved the problem and looked to be solidly built!