A basic SQUID configuration providing Internet access through a specific network (Using VPN)

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Setup my first proxy server today on a linux box using squid 2.7 for the specific purpose of re-routing my traffic through a Thessaloniki company network which has a static ip.
This was for the purpose to access specific services; services that are only accessible with that IP and which I needed.
I wanted to avoid the cycle of uploading code, executing and debugging only to upload again…

My Laptop -> VPN Connection Through Internet -> Server Behind Router running Squid -> Internet

This was a very frustrating process as the access denied message kept on rearing its’ uglyhead despite   http_access allow commands
/var/logs/squid/access.log was littered with entries such as:

1347741694.553  0   TCP_DENIED/403   1539   GET
– NONE/   text/html

As it took some troubleshooting I’m writing my 2 cents below which helped me personally as well as including my squid.conf: