rebit 5 first impressions – synching to network share

Initially I was very happy with the idea of how rebit works. However, now having used it for two days I am dissappointed.

The option to have real-time painless synchronization is quite needed. Personally, I wanted to synch with my NAS at home, and my RAID 6 server at work.

Problems began immediately while trying to configure backup to network shares. The interface is very non-intuitive, but once you figure it out it becomes easy.

The initial backup is VERY slow. In addition to this, I couldn’t ascertain reliably what exactly was going on with my files. At some point the files in the rebit browser backup folder seemed empty.

I can say that my experience up to now has not been efficient nor easy. Instead, simply copying my files using fastcopy finished in 2 hours.

I will give a shot to the rebit 6 trial but I’m glad I didn’t fork over the 40 euros.